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Textbook Inquiry & Ordering
Welcome to the University Bookstore's textbook inquiry and ordering system!
With this system, you will be able to retrieve a list of required textbooks for your classes as assigned by your instructors, recommended materials from the bookstore, and study aids applicable to your courses. If your course does not return any results, then a message will inform you that either your instructor has decided not to have any materials for the course or they have not yet contacted us about what materials they want to adopt.

Obtain Your Class Schedule
1. Login to your account at
2. Click on the myClasses Tab
3. Under "View My Schedule," view the "Concise Student Schdule"
4. Select your current term for "Select A Term"

Get Course Materials List
1. Input the Term, Department, Course for each class you would like to inquire and/or order textbooks 
2. Click the "Add Course" button after each class.
3. Click the "Get Course Materials" after loading all your desired classes for inquiry
4. Order your textbooks!