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Textbook Rental Agreement

The Textbook Rental Program provides students currently enrolled at Wichita State University the opportunity to rent selected textbooks for the current semester. In consideration of the opportunity, I hereby agree to accept and abide by the following terms and conditions.

  1. I agree to rent the book(s) listed on the cash register receipt for a single payment of the rent listed. I acknowledge the book(s), whether new or used, is in good condition-- clean, lightly marked and fully resalable condition.
  2. I agree to return the same book(s) listed on the receipt in a clean, lightly marked and fully resalable condition on or before the rental return due date.
  3. I agree to pay the University Bookstore replacement cost and fees if the rental book(s) listed are not returned by the rental due date, for any reason, including loss or theft, or returned items in a non-resalable condition, such as water damage by liquids, chemical spills, fire, tooth marks, missing components/pages or having a damaged book cover and/or spine, or otherwise damaged and/or deemed not resalable by the University Bookstore.
  4. The last day for return of a book for a full refund of a rental is the same date that is posted for any textbook purchase return. The return date is posted within the University Bookstore, as well as on for the current term.
  5. The rental fee for books rented after the return date is non-refundable.
  6. I agree that non-returned and/or damaged items will be billed at the current new replacement cost and a $30.00 per book late rental processing fee as shown on the receipt and any applicable sales taxes.
  7. All rentals remain the property of the University Bookstore while in my possession.
  8. I accept all responsibility for risk of loss from any cause, including theft, lost item(s)or return in a non-resalable condition, such as damage caused by liquids (rain, snow, coffee, juice, water), chemical spills, fire (scorched) tooth marks (rodents, pets, human, etc.), missing components and/or pages, or damage to the rental cover or spine.
  9. I acknowledge that if the book(s) listed on the receipt are not returned by the return rental due date, my University student account is subject to an academic hold, which prevents release of financial aid, ability to enroll in courses, add and/or drop a course, release of transcripts, and receipt of diploma.
  10. I agree that the University Bookstore reserves the right to deny me of future rental opportunities should I fail to adhere to the terms and conditions of this Textbook Rental Agreement.
  11. I certify I am currently enrolled at Wichita State University, 18 years of age or older, and have read and understand the terms of this agreement.

Rev. 7/2014

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